You’re here!

“Yes, I am.  But I’m not sure why.”

Would you like to say something?

“What would you like to hear?”

Something new.  Something you’ve never said before.

“That’s not easy.”

Yes it is.  Just close your eyes and wait for a moment.  It will come.

(A brief silence)

“I was climbing up through ice and snow.”

Where were you going?

“I’m not sure.  All I know is that I couldn’t go back.”

And now you’re here.

“Yes. And I’m beginning to understand why.”

And that is…?

“Because if I hadn’t left there, I would die.”


One Response

  1. …leaving? I stumbled across you where there are plenty of fish. I don’t have an account (shame on me, I know.) In an effort to learn more about you I used Google (except this place, of course.) Nada!
    It’s as if you were never here…my loss. I know you are fascinating…couldn’t you write about numbers? Leibnitz? Your quest for a hieroglyphic monad?
    If you make a MySpace account, I’ll make one! I’ve been thinking of starting my own 3rd world shit-hole anyhow (I want to be the next Icky-stan.)
    I have books about numbers (some even include math!)…maybe that will entice you to stay?

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